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is dead.

Mooiste film:
Cidade de Deus
The Dark Knight
Motorcycle Diaries

Mooiste animatie film:
Kung Fu Panda
Finding Nemo

Mooiste original Soundtrack:
The Passion of the Christ – John Debney
K-Pax – Edward Shearmur
Wall-E –

Mooiste Commercial:
Fish – Johnnie Walker
Steath – Droid Motorola
Believe – Halo 3

Mooiste nummer:
De Usuahia a la Quiaca – G. Santaolalla
Sinnerman – 16 HP
breathe – Angels and airwaves

Mooiste album art:
RHCP – Stadium Arcadium
Anderson – We Radio Anderson
Project 86 – Songs to burn your bridges by

Mooiste Website:
Arcade Fire
ISO50 portfolio website

Mooiste Album:
Across the universe, Justice
The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack – John Debney
The Sand, the barrier – TSTGU

Mooiste foto:
sebastian Salgado –
Dave Hill – mannetje in Afrika
Annemarie en Evert Klein – Peacedog 2006?

Beste Artiest
Demon Hunter

Mooiste Title Sequence:
Catch me if you can
the Fall

Mooiste Videoclip:
DVNO – Justice
Alive – P.O.D.
Hurt – Johnny Cash

check out for some nice inspirational work like this:



i just had to share this quote from an iso50 interview with Non-Format:

“One of the biggest challenges that faces an art director, or designer, is to spot the potential in things that are unplanned and recognise the opportunities. If you design something in your head and then spend all your time trying to recreate that vision, you tend to close yourself off from the opportunities that serendipity sometimes throws your way. Chance is often a great designer.”

I personally love the chance factor in work, if it’s with design or something else. I guess it makes the process of creating something somewhat unpredictable if you allow to let yourself work in such a way where you don’t pin yourself down on the early sketches, but allow your work to evolve with constant inspiration and, chance.

And that was a long sentence. But worth it.

well, technologely speaking they weren’t real lightleaks, because they were probably added digitally. I’m talking about the great visual spectacle Star Trek. You may disagree, but i found it a surprisingly entertaining movie to watch, and for me, one of the killer details were the light leaks. To illustrate what i’m talking about:






The whole movie was filled with (sometimes unnessecary but hey, who cares?) lightleaks like these.  I thought the light which gave it a cool 2d effect, onto a 3d dimension.

I started checking on a more regular basis, which i find entertaining, keeps me in touch with whats happening now. Today, an article got massive ‘diggs’ a way for people to say they ‘dig it’ thus liking it. The article was about the movie “Creation” that could not find a distributor because of christian conservative americans who would not approve of such a film.


i quote:, an influential site which reviews films from a Christian perspective, described Darwin as the father of eugenics and denounced him as “a racist, a bigot and an 1800s naturalist whose legacy is mass murder”. His “half-baked theory” directly influenced Adolf Hitler and led to “atrocities, crimes against humanity, cloning and genetic engineering”, the site stated.

This was on a book review of a single reviewer who reviewed a book that stated in its title that he was a racist. Darwins Racist, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Lucky google find by the producer of this movie? Some reviewer saying stuff that suddenly is representive of the American Christian Community? Ah no, whe have numbers to back it up:

according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution.

come on. I dont even have to know the real facts to know that is not true. The crazy thing is, there’s thousands of people buying it, including dutch people. What does give some comfort are comments like these on the Telegraph website:

Controversy sells tickets, hence the central premise of this article is BS.

don’t buy the hypothesis. Count me among those who smell a publicity ploy.

All kinds of films get released in the States. All sorts of viewpoints, from the sublime to the ridiculous, make it into the screenplays. Every segment of the population takes its hits to the chin, earned and unearned. Everyone knows America’s fundamentalists are most definitely included in that. They’ve been fair game since ‘Elmer Gantry.’

I couldnt agree more. I mean, Da Vinci Code was straight up heresy for the christian theology. Jesus Christ Superstar was the same, and even more sacred christian subject than creation vs. evolution. And then i’m not even mentioning the enormous porn industry who seem not to have problems to find a distributor.

No, this is a horrible example of journalism, people thinking its true, justifying their ideas about americans and christianity. It’s a smart PR ploy for the movie Creation (which, on the bright side i might add, stars Jennifer Connely) and even through me you know about it. Their mission accomplished? I guess, even through me.

but i have zero respect for the way the makers market this.

One percent of the netherands will have  watched them after tonight: Coldplay in a park in Nijmegen. Hopefully it’s better than the Amsterdam Arena. I saw U2 in the ArenA and it sucked, because of the horrible sound, lights and so on. Not to blame U2, but to blame the location. Now, the next-biggest-band-of-the-world were wisely booked in a park. I can probably see less but i’m hoping for some nice vibrations in the air. Will the preformance be better than the irish rockers? Their artwork is:


i’ve seen some of the Coen Brother’s movies, and i always hear about their supposedly first movie, ‘fargo’. So i decided to watch it, and it was fun. But the title sequence was absolutly beautiful. Can’t wait to encorperate in some of my future designs!


Via i stumbled on this aticle at

“Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands carried out the study after one of them was so struck on impressing an attractive woman he had never met before, that he could not remember his address when she asked him where he lived.”

Sounds familiar? As a man, you might say “uhm, yes”, but as a woman you probably will not have had this experience. I think i had this experience when i was watching the first episode of star wars, starring Natalie Portman.


I liked the movie immediatly. As a 15year old i was not prone to her good looks, the lightsabers and bearded philosofical men with killer-moves. It was only untill later i realised what crap these movies are, apart from the story.

Girls, like said, don’t seem to have this problem. Radboud:

“…the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or ‘cognitive resources’ trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks. The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools.

This may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities.




Eens in de zoveel tijd krijg je gewoon ontzettend goed nieuws! Een christen met veel geld en terminale kanker, en dat geld, is voor jou! Het nieuwe evangelie? Lees en huiver:

From Mrs Binah Massonmah.
05 B.P 308 B.P 05 ABIDJAN.

Dearest in Christ.

With Due Respect And Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a humanitarian ground.

My name is Mrs.Binah Massonmah,I was married to late Dr.Omar Massonmah a contractor and diamond dealer for Thirty-two years before he died in the year 2005.
He died after a brief illness that lasted only four days Before his death we are both born again Christians.Since after his death, I decided not to marry again. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $3.8 Million in a security company here in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire.Presently,this money is still with the Security company in Abidjan.

Recently,My Doctor told me about my condition due to my cancer problem and having known my condition I habe decided to handle over this money to a HONEST and God fearing Individual,group organization that will utilize this fund for the services of mankind,helping the motherless homes,orphans,widows,propagating of the Gospel and missionaries,as desired by my late husband when he was alive.

I took this decision because I dont have any child to inherit this fund,and I don’t want this money to be used ungodly. I want you to always remember me in your daily prayers because of my up coming Cancer Surgery,although i am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going.

Write back to me as soon as possible because any delay in your reply will give me opportunity to look for another person for this same purpose. With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you other informations on how you can receive this money in the trunk box from the Security company.

I will be glad to hear from you soon. May God bless and keep us as we seek to serve him.
Yours in Christ.
Mrs Binah Massonmah.

designs that make my heart beat faster:


Design aware, making claymonsters, creating awesome music, and all that from the country that calls itself Sweden: meet Minilogue. I heard their music on one of The New Balearic Podcasts. Pretty awesome podcast, every month a new collection of about 15 songs of different styles, from Minilogue, to Beirut, and much more.

Now it seems there’s a lot of good alternative electronic music out there, that i really like, but none of it is dutch so far. The dutch trance scene should be big enough to allow some more different electronic tunes to come out. So, if anyone runs into one, please drop me a line. Because if it sounds as good as Minilogue, Tycho or Trentemoller, i’d love to see a preformance like that. Who’s with me?

I’ve been quite fond of Beirut for some time now. A young musician (he’s younger than me, but does have more facial hair) that does it a little different. I just mainly love his melancholic voice. Enjoy his free download:

Beirut / A Sunday Smile


… was awesome. Took a thousand pictures, slept alot, met fun people, red and finished 4 books, swam in the pool, didnt get sunburned, checked out amazing towns, visited italy, hiked 3 mountain tops, tried to speak spanish to the italian speaking swissians, and did more that i can’t remember right now.


i’m on vacation! See you in a week!


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